Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Semester 6 B.Ed TESL


This semester has been terrific so far for me.... For some reasons, I have experienced new things which I would say........ terrifyingly interesting? how is that?

1) For the first time in my TeSL years, I did not.... or should I say I NEARLY failed my presentation....thanks to Miss Afni.... its a fucking slap to my face!

2) I bought N95 at a black market (kononnya nak pakai hp mahal yg murah....) I felt so stupid!!! cheated by a couple of Indonesians who wears be fake prada shirt! urgh! for RM430 I used the hp for two hours.... may RM225 per hour I guess! demmit!!!

3) I got a job at Cambridge-Al-Ikhlas language centre in SACC mall Shah Alam as an English tutor...the pay is quite nice mannn.... But the interview.... I dare say.... The hardest interview Ive ever attended yet!

4) For the first time again I failed my quiz.... got 9/30 for Methodology in teaching writing quiz (bangga wooo) hahaha

5) For the first time, Im playing petville in Facebook... syok jugak woo!

I do hope this semester will go as planned... Im totally eager to go for practical next semester yeayyy!!