Thursday, March 10, 2011


Malay versus chinese. Three words that may encapsulate different views from different people. The Malays, as again and again, shall I say 'born in the silver spoon' in Malaysia with Ketuanan Melayu, Hak orang-orang Melayu and so on. And here it is still, Chinese, born in a rotten spoon, conquering the biggest industries in Malaysia - Farming, business, tourism and etcetra.

Why is this happening??

Some people say the word 'Melayu' itself brings a bad connotation... Me-LAYU..(I doubt this)
Some people say Chinese are born with good genetics that makes them hardworking and good in business...( I also doubt this)
Some people say bla......bla......bla........

Well, Dr. M said "Org Melayu, buanglah tongkat sendiri dan belajarlah berjalan dengan kaki sendiri"

WoW! Now, I know why Dr. Salina in my 'Current issues in Education' class adores Dr. M so much. He is a man with a mind of an alien. I mean, he does not think like us. I do agree with him in this sense. THE MALAYS have to be slapped on their face and wake up!!!

It is not that Chinese have good genes and Malays are not. We are all born with the same capacity of the brain in our cranium (except the brainless mat rempit i guess). But the thing is, its about the extent that we use our brain to build up the life that we want. The Chinese, if we think again, why do they succeed in Malaysia...a land of the MALAYS?

The answer is simple, because they are minority and they do not have the government to pamper them so much with this and that and this and that. For instance, Ive read a newspaper clip long time ago when this Chinese kid said that her mother always pushes her to study hard because 'we are always the minority no matter what'. If two Malays with 10As can go to university only one Chinese is offered to do that. That is merely a fact!

It is normal for human to feel insecure if they are a bunch of minorities. Look at the Malays in U.K for example, how do they survive there? I heard most of them opened businesses to support their life. So, why cant we in Malaysia become the Malays in the UK? Because, we are just too pampered by our own government. I'm sick of telling this because deep in my heart (although I'm chinese+malay) I know that Malays are also capable to succeed. Yes, some Malays have proven that....Look at Al-bukhari....Sosilawati even....They are a bunch of successful Malays. But its only them....what about the other 99% of the malays??????

Anyway, to've done hell of a good job surviving in this land. Good! But, Malays....its time to wake up! No more hot coffee at the warung gossipping about janda berhias anymore....NO MORE.....we have to prove to them that we can also succeed....