Wednesday, October 29, 2008

TOP 10 World's Next GreatesT CitieS!!!

The Top 10.... From thousands of developing cities in the world....(Source:

1) Shang Hai, China

2) Beijing, China

3) Budapest, Hungary


5) Santiago, Chile

6) GuangZhou, China

7) Mexico City, Mexico

8) Warsaw, Poland

9) Bangkok Thailand

10) Shingzhen, China

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The end of SEMESTER 3

Finally, I have arrived at the final stage of semester 3 B.Ed TESL....What an excrutiating semester I've gone through this year....Sure enough, things had taught me to be a better person in life considering a few ..hurmm...i dare say 'interesting' moments of my life in campus...(ya rite) are some of the advise that I would really love to share with my readers....enjoy then!!

1) Firstly, DO NOT and DO NOT ever put 100% trust even if its your own uncle/auntie/cousin/whateva...well seriously, they would destroy your life just in a blink of an eye... Yerp, its hard when you are being so close with that someone, and out of the blue, your back is bleeding...ya rite!! your back is seriousssly bleeding....therefore, be very careful if you wanna choose your friend...its either they may lead you to a magnificent future life....or bringing you down.... :)

2) Ya, its not good to be selfish but i hv learnt this semester that sometimes, its a lot BETTER to be selfish...Yerp, I have been and am still suffering from what i can say 'too much concern' to someone/some persons...Alhamdulillah, Allah is the almighty,despite what I got from them after a huge sacrifice for two semesters, I am sitting here....having lots of fun returning back to my memories...

3) Trust your brain and not your instinct...this is because, sometimes, instinct can always mislead you to somewhere that you know, for god sake, that you do not want to be there...use your brain, think wisely, and act appropriately....this is what I learnt from my relationship with used-to-be my newest close friend....(god knows better)

4) OF COURSE!! not to forget, I learnt to use mosquito repellent everytime I sleep....Dengue had definitely taught me to be more'rajin' laa in using that cute little mosquito repellent... spending almost 2 weeks at hospital will NEVER be a choice anymore!!! aaaa!!!

5) choose groupmates for any group work CAREFULLY!!! fuhh, to tell you the truth, so far, Aza is the best group mate i have ever got...she's hardworking, dedicated, full of motivation and commitment << this is what i want for a perfect groupmate....Well, I've got a few others (jangan terasa k) yg agak mengecewakan...but luckily, everything had finished on time...and hopefully another DL for me??? god knows better lerrr...

6) Finally, I've learnt that......................SINGING IS HARD!!!!!!!!! fuhh, joining the voice talent competition made me wanna scream out loud!!! its really hard to control your notes especially the lower ones. (susah wooo) jgn ingat nyanyi tuu just a piece of cake wokeiii...daa!!