Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Wave by Fahim Rahim
2.00pm 17 September 2012

I remember the first time we met,
It was raining like in Hindi Film,
in the car we kissed,
and show the love we never had.

I remember when I woke up,
seeing that beautiful eyes,
that pure smile that I always adore,
bringing me to heaven,
telling me Ill love you till ever.

In the morning I make meals for you,
taking care of you,
This feet works like a horse,
But I never mind,
as long as you are happy,
Because I dearly love you.

Remember how I hold that small hands,
in the car while driving,
Its the greatest feeling,
The joy that we had,
The nights we spent,

a blink of an eye,
a shot of a gun,
a strike of a thunder,
It happens so fast,

You everything I thought you never were,
You are the rain beneath the rainbow.
Living here alone is a deep torture,
burning my heart,
tearing it apart.

Love, come back. I need you `,`
I never leave you
But if the lock is on your door,
Ill understand

Saturday, September 15, 2012

How Do I Start Writing My Story? by Fahim Rahim

It has been quite a remarkable year in 2012. Im sorry for not updating my blog all these while. Tonight, I have a special poem. Yes, it has been quite some time since the last time I write a poem. Know that these poems represent my heart and my words. Those I can never utter out loud. enjjoy!

"How Do I Start Writing my Story?" 
By Fahim Rahim
1.15am, 16 September 2012

How do I start writing my story?
When my eyes are here,
My brain is there,
And my heart is everywhere.

How do I start writing my story?
Blue ocean, thunders, clouds,
And rain….
They are all seem perfectly together.

Shall I count the rain,
Shall I touch the sky,
Or shall I jump from the high everest,
To prove how much you worth.

Sorry is just another word,
For you,well at least
The stones are listening,
The cats are speaking, but
Yes, not you never you.

Love, what is that all about?
For my mom loves me but never once had she made me sorrow,
My friends love me but never did they bring me low.
Do you love me? I never know.
Please answer,
Do you really love me? I do not know!

To you,
If I can ever turn the time back,
It will be as status quo,
Because breathing here,
knowing that you are leaving,
Is not something I adore.
And it really makes me wonder,
How do I ever start writing my own story?