Sunday, May 5, 2013

Malaysia 13th General Election

Yesterday marked another history in Malaysia. Our 13th GE had just been successfully held throughout the nation. The winning party, BN, although losing 2/3 majority for the second time, deserves their victory. A lot of debates and speculations made post-election. But, frankly speaking, every party should accept their own fates whether or not they have won or been defeated. 

But the issue that worries me the most is the tendency of us to play the race issue here. Without neglecting the Malays, I admit this land belongs to the Malays. However to what extent does one can say the land belongs to one race and not the others? Why is it that we are so worried of the other races? 

Yes, that is embedded in our culture. THE MALAYS. We are lazy, ignorant but highly spirited when it comes to making riots and etc. Look at what happened yesterday, a video showing a group of young voters making a mess in Ipoh Timur. Were those young peeps the so-called New GENERATION of educated peeps? 

On the other hand, in Miri as an example, a lot of BN posters written with "A VOTE FOR PAKATAN=A VOTE FOR PAS" were hung up everywhere along the streets here. As a result, the CHINESE here voted OFF the BN and yeah, that is the race we usually call RACIST and being scared off.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Chinese people are merely like us. They'll do anything if they think their rights have been taken away. I am currently teaching in a Chinese school and I do not see any problem occuring. In fact, my colleagues were so happy when I speak Chinese with them. 
For the Malays, GROW UP! there's a huge world beyond what you are living in now. Change people's mindset about us. We are NOT lazy and NOT idiot.