Saturday, December 6, 2008

The IdeaL Birth...

am I the IDEAL son??? or my sister is???

The Ideal daughter???The Ideal SON??? So which one is it???
  • - SMART ???
  • - GENEROUS???

We were born in this 'interesting' world together with hopes.... Hopes of our parents to see us succeed in life....Hopes of elder generations to see better generations for the future of the country....Hopes of grandparents to see new generations of their traits...Hopes of families to see new babies who may bring joy and happiness for everyone....

Yes, people have hopes...Just like Adam and Hawa when they were sent to earth by Allah (For Muslim) Some parents want their children to be the best of themselves....Some want them to be what they couldn't be before (watch AF audition and listen to what the parents say why they're supporting their child)...My question is?

  • - Can we be exactly what they want us to be??
  • - Can we fullfil what they hope us of becoming???

and SO....when we cannot be what they want us to be???? Are we that so-called ANAK DERHAKA??? Agendas....Plans....Strategies....yeah, everyone has them....and so do we!

Nowadays, I've seen so many cases where children are depressed because they cannot achieve what their PARENTS wanted them to..... Last year, an Indian girl killed herself because she did not get 5As for UPSR compared to her siblings and this therefore, had created tension on her....And the final decision is..................SUICIDE! SUICIDE! SUICIDE!


Stop putting pressures on your children....Its heartbreaking to see small kids have no time with friends playing 'masak-masak' and dolls and so on but instead, spending time in schools, tuition classes, Piano classes, blablabla classes....Accept them for who they them with LOVE and ATTENTION...coz with that, then, with god's will, you will have your IDEAL BIRTH! end.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Aim for ONE!

I dont know if u guys have read the newspapers or watched TVnews or anything, but did u hear about the news where that Jerlun MP, Mukhriz Mahathir suprisingly came out with a splendid idea. As we know, Malaysian are struggling from this racial conflicts where everyone especially the other races (chinese and Indian) were questioning the ketuanan melayu thingy.Well, I dare say what Mukhriz proposed yesterday is a fantastic idea to cope with this problem in the future.
He wanted Malaysia to have one (I mean SINGLE) education system where EVERY malaysian should go to the same type of school (no more SJK or SRJK or anything) and basically learned about the same thing.
I mean yeah! sharing my experience here... I went to sekolah pondok when i was 7 to 9 years old, then to Sekolah Kebangsaan ( 10-12 years old) where I dont even mingle with any chinese student. I mean I dont have any chinese friends! because of what?? because they are simply not there... (Its PENANG anyway). I dare say most of them went to what we call SRJKC (sekolah jenis kebangsaan cina).
and PLUS! I went to Sekolah AGAMA al-irshad where again, no chinese nor indian is there! AND lastly, I went to UITM where of course again everyone is a BUMIPUTERA! Fuhh, I am not here to portray myself as a person who looked up high to other races, but simply here to say that, after the life that I've experienced in High school and primary school, I end up to be like this...a person who is extremely sceptical when speaking with chinese....
I ended up to have no friends of chinese...
I ended up to be looking at chinese as a bad community...
I ended up to be a total 'MALAY' person and not a total 'MALAYSIAN' person...
I am here as one of the future educator in Malaysian really see this as a good opportunity for we, the citizen of Malaysia to really look at this question -
.............Why do we have to fight over stupid things?? (politics???sign boards???)
Remember that we are one....we are the generations that our ancestors, The citizen of TANAH MELAYU before had blood over their body for.....Malaysia used to be so calm despite our multiracial community....
Please end this war soon....amin!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Missing Me...

Last 14th of november 2008, me and Kahar went for a can i say 'holiday' at shah alam and along Kuala Lumpur....we've taken a few nice pictures...just wanna share with you guys....all of these were taken at Sunway Pyramid Mall USJ..


Posing maut dengan the one and 0nly HAFIZ!

Me with my Best Pal eva....

Monday, November 3, 2008


The situation is quite, I dare say extravaganzaly hectic here...I have another 4 chapters to finish before I could settle myself comfortably for the final exam tomorrow, but, what can I do? Sometimes nothing can force the heart goes fonder. I just want to finish this semester off and have a fantastic holiday with my family, Sulaiman and Kahar...Yeehaa! Wait for me guys! Anyway, out of the blue (red i guess, coz blue is not my thingy you see), I have this urge to write a new post...These are the 10 things that People don't know that I've been doing it all these while...hehehe

1) I always sing when I am riding my know what, its not like simple-simple kinda song, but its normally gemilang-jaclynVictor kinda song OK! hehehe

2) I would normally study for about 30 minutes and rest for one hour! I'm not kidding! Contohilah sayee...heheh

3) Sometimes, at night, while my parents are sleeping, I would go to the kitchen and 'steal' any leftovers there...and me

4) I lOVEEE Potato chips sooo much!!! at least once a week, I shall go to 7E and buy it.

5) Sometimes I 'curi-curi' using my housemate's toothpaste...Sori...hehe

6) This one is quite disgusting ... shall I write this ... hurmm.... Well, everytime I pick my ears, I will...hehehe....smell it first OK....hehehe... I dunno why...its natural oK!

7) I fancy in taking pictures of my friends who were sleeping in classes...Believe me, I have LOADS of them....some even uploaded in my Myspace account...KANTOI!!

8) I am suffering from this disease named the lazy-butt syndrom... I hate to get up again when I'm already on my tilam listening to nice songs in, I even asked people to get things done for me...arghh!!

9) While having a nice-refreshing shower, I would imagine myself as if I am singing at the final stage of ONE IN A MILLION singing competition....where thousands are watching me and clapping for my powerful voice...wahhH!!!at the end, ini sumer hanya ANGAN2 mat jenin... :(

10) It doesn't stop there!!! When I am about to sleep, I will normally listen to my favourite songs (normally sad2 and romantic2 ones) and imagine as if the song is about me! hehe, sometimes, I even cried listening to those songs...aiyooo!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Chaotic Of Phonetics

Oh my god! even hearing somebody to be talking about this subject makes me sick! Well, honestly I don't hate it....I dont love it either...but you know what...its extremeeeeely tough to get an A for this subject!! and I'm soooo f***ing tired rite now....after 5 hours i spent at library with Aza and Ezza putting our mind to this subject, we'd only managed to finish till chapter 3!!! aiyakkkk!!! I'm so sickkk!!! Well, to be honest I hope to get at least a B for this subject...hopefully I guess....But still!! of course, its gonna bring tremendous affect towards my CGPA later on....sucX!!! Waaa!!! anyway, after quite a few minutes of looking back at my carry marks, presentations, tests, and so on and 0n and on....I would really to share this with you guys:

Educational Psychology : A 4.00
Teaching English Through Drama: A- 3.67
Kesatria: A 4.00
Report Writing A- 3.67
Oral Communication B+ 3.33
Phonetics and Phonology B 3.00
Mandarin 1 B 3.00.
Oh SHIT!!!!!!!! Teruklaaa this sem!!! How would I wanna get a DL for this kind of result...argh! hopefully its gonna be better and not worse....Fuhh!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

TOP 10 World's Next GreatesT CitieS!!!

The Top 10.... From thousands of developing cities in the world....(Source:

1) Shang Hai, China

2) Beijing, China

3) Budapest, Hungary


5) Santiago, Chile

6) GuangZhou, China

7) Mexico City, Mexico

8) Warsaw, Poland

9) Bangkok Thailand

10) Shingzhen, China

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The end of SEMESTER 3

Finally, I have arrived at the final stage of semester 3 B.Ed TESL....What an excrutiating semester I've gone through this year....Sure enough, things had taught me to be a better person in life considering a few ..hurmm...i dare say 'interesting' moments of my life in campus...(ya rite) are some of the advise that I would really love to share with my readers....enjoy then!!

1) Firstly, DO NOT and DO NOT ever put 100% trust even if its your own uncle/auntie/cousin/whateva...well seriously, they would destroy your life just in a blink of an eye... Yerp, its hard when you are being so close with that someone, and out of the blue, your back is bleeding...ya rite!! your back is seriousssly bleeding....therefore, be very careful if you wanna choose your friend...its either they may lead you to a magnificent future life....or bringing you down.... :)

2) Ya, its not good to be selfish but i hv learnt this semester that sometimes, its a lot BETTER to be selfish...Yerp, I have been and am still suffering from what i can say 'too much concern' to someone/some persons...Alhamdulillah, Allah is the almighty,despite what I got from them after a huge sacrifice for two semesters, I am sitting here....having lots of fun returning back to my memories...

3) Trust your brain and not your instinct...this is because, sometimes, instinct can always mislead you to somewhere that you know, for god sake, that you do not want to be there...use your brain, think wisely, and act appropriately....this is what I learnt from my relationship with used-to-be my newest close friend....(god knows better)

4) OF COURSE!! not to forget, I learnt to use mosquito repellent everytime I sleep....Dengue had definitely taught me to be more'rajin' laa in using that cute little mosquito repellent... spending almost 2 weeks at hospital will NEVER be a choice anymore!!! aaaa!!!

5) choose groupmates for any group work CAREFULLY!!! fuhh, to tell you the truth, so far, Aza is the best group mate i have ever got...she's hardworking, dedicated, full of motivation and commitment << this is what i want for a perfect groupmate....Well, I've got a few others (jangan terasa k) yg agak mengecewakan...but luckily, everything had finished on time...and hopefully another DL for me??? god knows better lerrr...

6) Finally, I've learnt that......................SINGING IS HARD!!!!!!!!! fuhh, joining the voice talent competition made me wanna scream out loud!!! its really hard to control your notes especially the lower ones. (susah wooo) jgn ingat nyanyi tuu just a piece of cake wokeiii...daa!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Malaysia University Ranking...(only in top5000)

This is the ranking for our universities in Malaysia as according to Webometrics, a well known Website to see ranks of many research institutions, and universities around the world. Well, as a Malaysian, of course this is extremely crucial for me and that should be put in mind by the government for the betterment of our own education system in Malaysia! Don't be confused! This ranking are based on 5 criterias which focus on the Research and Development (R&D) of a university by January 2008.Enjoy!

University Ranking in Malaysia (TOP5000 universities in the world)
* (university name) (World Rank)
1) Universiti Sains Malaysia 1065
2)Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 1087
3) Multimedia University 1155
5) Universiti Putra Malaysia 1236
6) Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia 1357
7) Universiti Malaya 1381
8) Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia 1709
9) Universiti Utara Malaysia 1997
10) Universiti Teknologi MARA (My university) 2022
11) Universiti Malaysia Sabah 3316
12) Universiti Tenaga Nasional 3346
13) Monash University Malaysia 3527
14) Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS 3636
15) Universiti malaysia Sarawak 3721
16) Universiti malaysia Perlis 3968
17) Asia pacific Institute of Information Technology 4059
18) Universiti pendidikan Sultan Idris 4692
19) Universiti Tun Abdul Razak 4770
Thats it! these are the only universities and private institutions in Malaysia that are included in the ranking. Where is Universiti Tun Hussain Onn? Where is Universiti Selangor? I'm not trying to embarass these universities but trying to promote to the government here that we cannot have a one eye look on this. Universiti Malaya used to be TOP 10 in Asia as a research university. Whatever it is, I'm still proud of Malaysia as the country of my blood!

***Petroleum Disaster***

First of all...

Ladies and Gentleman,
Petroleum is vital to many industries, and is of importance to the maintenance of industrialized civilization itself, and thus is critical concern to many nations. Oil accounts for a large percentage of the world’s energy consumption, ranging from a low of 32% for Europe and Asia, up to a high of 53% for the Middle East. Other geographic regions’ consumption patterns are as follows: South and Central America (44%), Africa (41%), and North America (40%). The world at large consumes 30 billion barrels (4.8 km³) of oil per year, and the top oil consumers largely consist of developed nations. In fact, 24% of the oil consumed in 2004 went to the United States alone. The production, distribution, refining, and retailing of petroleum taken as a whole represent the single largest industry in terms of dollar value on earth.
Petroleum can be extracted into various stuff that have been the 'energy' of our life such as the gas that we use to cook, diesel, fuel, kerosene, and so on. However...

2) The problematic Situation...

However, it is noted today that The Medias all over the world are putting unbelievable attention to Petrol. This is due to the sudden change of fuel price in the world.

Well, in Malaysia, as one of the developing countries in the world has seemed to be tremendously affected by the price. If yesterday, with RM1 in hand, I could buy a 1 litre bottle full of fuel....But today, everything is different. Especially for the middle class to lower class people, the effect of this hiking price of fuel is a total mind-blowing. Is it possible if the price went higher than this? Is it possible that the government will find the best way to overcome this difficult situation? As far as i am concern, I don't think so! Unless, we have someone who can be called as the mastermind of economy to at least maintain the price of fuel in Malaysia. For that, I want to show how much we, and I, and every human being living in Malaysia depend on Petrol to move us here and there. We want a CHANGE! Since I dont know when, The economy development of Malaysia has always been around 3% to 5% while back in the 1990's, the percentage has reached 9%!! which a slight lower than China itself! again, I summon all readers here to make a CHANGE! whether its a change in lifestyle, or a change in the government? Something has to be done! Dear government, I hope the pictures that I show below will never happen when I start my career later on.

Picture 1,2,3 show vehicles are queing up to buy fuels of the old price a few hours before the price increased by RM0.80 at petronas Seberang Jaya Penang! Is it the GOVERNMENT's fault?????
Update 12 June 2008
KUALA LUMPUR, June 11, 2008 (AFP) - Malaysia's Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Wednesday there would be no more fuel price hikes for the rest of the year.
Abdullah said that because Malaysians were still coping with the impact of last week's 41 percent fuel price increase, the government would absorb the cost of soaring crude oil costs.
"There will be no more fuel price hikes for this year," he said in a statement.
Malaysia, a net oil exporter, heavily subsidises petrol and diesel but said it was forced to implement the deeply unpopular price hike as the cost of subsidies would have ballooned to 17 billion dollars this year.
The government last week raised the price of fuel by 41 percent to 2.70 ringgit (0.84 dollars) per litre.
To ease the impact on motorists, it will give cash rebates of 625 ringgit for owners of small- and medium-sized vehicles, which will cost the government 5.0 billion ringgit.
Abdullah said the government would also pay salaries of government workers and officers fortnightly from August, to help them organise their expenses and cash flow to cope with the fuel price increase.
Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamed Yakcop warned Wednesday that if world crude oil prices hit 150 dollars in the short-term it could impact on the country's projected 3.1 percent budget deficit.
Well, is that what the people really want?? Ask yourself then....I'm not a pro-government neither the anti army.... I write what I want for the benefit of myself, my family, my society, and my country!

Monday, May 26, 2008

How Malaysian act on roads?

As Aristotle once said, The rule of law is better than the rule of any individual. It is noted that law is the utmost vivid and clear way of controlling politics, economy and society itself in numerous ways. From the great civilization of Egypt to the spectacular land of Malacca, we have come to a realization that law is particularly needed to develop a country, or a state, or a district. In Malaysia as an easy example, through the independence of Malaya, the government of Malaysia has already has its own rules and laws. But now,I want to focus on the rules on roads that should be abided by us. I do not fancy of making any conclusion based on my own witness of Malaysian's behaviors on roads. Therefore, here I shall provide you with a few pictures that will make you yourself have to decide whether Malaysian is a good 'follower' of laws or not? Judge for yourself....

I saw this red Proton Saga waiting to cross the road on these white stripes...Why can't he que up just like me and other cars behind my Toyota Avanza?

The same place.... a year after....look how these motorcycles recklessly ignoring the traffic lights...... didn't they know they could end up as 'roti canai' on road any second??? hmmh...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Credit Card Phenomenon

Hi guys, i've just started to update this blog since i haven'tn had any chance to do so due to this hectic life as a university student. Well, returning back to our focus for today, i would like to give a slight piece of my mind about the credit card phenomenon. Yes, today, it is undeniable that most working adults do possess at least one credit card. This account for credit card has jumped into my mind as i went to an appointment with my proton car dealer this morning. He asked my dad whether he has a credit card or not and the answer is no! Yup, my dad do not have any credit card not because he is unable to do so but because he thinks credit card is just a piece of licence for us to make up more and more loans and 'hutang'. Well, he got a point there. I do believe credit card has its own benefits and of course the other side of it. Its good for us especially the members of sorority club (girls) to go on SHOPPINGGGG!! haha ya the end of the month, "Oh shit, its RM10000!!! how should i pay this".

Yup there's only one reason...Incontrollable usage of money...In america for example, credit card is normal to be acquired for free by students when they were still young. But, shukriya, in Malaysia, university students are still calling their mom and say "Mummy, duit habis dah!!!" isn't it?? hahaha...therefore we should think carefully and thoroughly before making any decision of using credit card...daa, even my neighbour who's making like 8000 ringgit per month didn't want to have one....So, why do full-time students like us have to have a credit card??? Ni kira dah jadi, senang dulu susah kemudian plak...kan3....ayieMagnificent signing out!~~