Saturday, December 6, 2008

The IdeaL Birth...

am I the IDEAL son??? or my sister is???

The Ideal daughter???The Ideal SON??? So which one is it???
  • - SMART ???
  • - GENEROUS???

We were born in this 'interesting' world together with hopes.... Hopes of our parents to see us succeed in life....Hopes of elder generations to see better generations for the future of the country....Hopes of grandparents to see new generations of their traits...Hopes of families to see new babies who may bring joy and happiness for everyone....

Yes, people have hopes...Just like Adam and Hawa when they were sent to earth by Allah (For Muslim) Some parents want their children to be the best of themselves....Some want them to be what they couldn't be before (watch AF audition and listen to what the parents say why they're supporting their child)...My question is?

  • - Can we be exactly what they want us to be??
  • - Can we fullfil what they hope us of becoming???

and SO....when we cannot be what they want us to be???? Are we that so-called ANAK DERHAKA??? Agendas....Plans....Strategies....yeah, everyone has them....and so do we!

Nowadays, I've seen so many cases where children are depressed because they cannot achieve what their PARENTS wanted them to..... Last year, an Indian girl killed herself because she did not get 5As for UPSR compared to her siblings and this therefore, had created tension on her....And the final decision is..................SUICIDE! SUICIDE! SUICIDE!


Stop putting pressures on your children....Its heartbreaking to see small kids have no time with friends playing 'masak-masak' and dolls and so on but instead, spending time in schools, tuition classes, Piano classes, blablabla classes....Accept them for who they them with LOVE and ATTENTION...coz with that, then, with god's will, you will have your IDEAL BIRTH! end.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Aim for ONE!

I dont know if u guys have read the newspapers or watched TVnews or anything, but did u hear about the news where that Jerlun MP, Mukhriz Mahathir suprisingly came out with a splendid idea. As we know, Malaysian are struggling from this racial conflicts where everyone especially the other races (chinese and Indian) were questioning the ketuanan melayu thingy.Well, I dare say what Mukhriz proposed yesterday is a fantastic idea to cope with this problem in the future.
He wanted Malaysia to have one (I mean SINGLE) education system where EVERY malaysian should go to the same type of school (no more SJK or SRJK or anything) and basically learned about the same thing.
I mean yeah! sharing my experience here... I went to sekolah pondok when i was 7 to 9 years old, then to Sekolah Kebangsaan ( 10-12 years old) where I dont even mingle with any chinese student. I mean I dont have any chinese friends! because of what?? because they are simply not there... (Its PENANG anyway). I dare say most of them went to what we call SRJKC (sekolah jenis kebangsaan cina).
and PLUS! I went to Sekolah AGAMA al-irshad where again, no chinese nor indian is there! AND lastly, I went to UITM where of course again everyone is a BUMIPUTERA! Fuhh, I am not here to portray myself as a person who looked up high to other races, but simply here to say that, after the life that I've experienced in High school and primary school, I end up to be like this...a person who is extremely sceptical when speaking with chinese....
I ended up to have no friends of chinese...
I ended up to be looking at chinese as a bad community...
I ended up to be a total 'MALAY' person and not a total 'MALAYSIAN' person...
I am here as one of the future educator in Malaysian really see this as a good opportunity for we, the citizen of Malaysia to really look at this question -
.............Why do we have to fight over stupid things?? (politics???sign boards???)
Remember that we are one....we are the generations that our ancestors, The citizen of TANAH MELAYU before had blood over their body for.....Malaysia used to be so calm despite our multiracial community....
Please end this war soon....amin!