Monday, November 17, 2008

The Missing Me...

Last 14th of november 2008, me and Kahar went for a can i say 'holiday' at shah alam and along Kuala Lumpur....we've taken a few nice pictures...just wanna share with you guys....all of these were taken at Sunway Pyramid Mall USJ..


Posing maut dengan the one and 0nly HAFIZ!

Me with my Best Pal eva....

Monday, November 3, 2008


The situation is quite, I dare say extravaganzaly hectic here...I have another 4 chapters to finish before I could settle myself comfortably for the final exam tomorrow, but, what can I do? Sometimes nothing can force the heart goes fonder. I just want to finish this semester off and have a fantastic holiday with my family, Sulaiman and Kahar...Yeehaa! Wait for me guys! Anyway, out of the blue (red i guess, coz blue is not my thingy you see), I have this urge to write a new post...These are the 10 things that People don't know that I've been doing it all these while...hehehe

1) I always sing when I am riding my know what, its not like simple-simple kinda song, but its normally gemilang-jaclynVictor kinda song OK! hehehe

2) I would normally study for about 30 minutes and rest for one hour! I'm not kidding! Contohilah sayee...heheh

3) Sometimes, at night, while my parents are sleeping, I would go to the kitchen and 'steal' any leftovers there...and me

4) I lOVEEE Potato chips sooo much!!! at least once a week, I shall go to 7E and buy it.

5) Sometimes I 'curi-curi' using my housemate's toothpaste...Sori...hehe

6) This one is quite disgusting ... shall I write this ... hurmm.... Well, everytime I pick my ears, I will...hehehe....smell it first OK....hehehe... I dunno why...its natural oK!

7) I fancy in taking pictures of my friends who were sleeping in classes...Believe me, I have LOADS of them....some even uploaded in my Myspace account...KANTOI!!

8) I am suffering from this disease named the lazy-butt syndrom... I hate to get up again when I'm already on my tilam listening to nice songs in, I even asked people to get things done for me...arghh!!

9) While having a nice-refreshing shower, I would imagine myself as if I am singing at the final stage of ONE IN A MILLION singing competition....where thousands are watching me and clapping for my powerful voice...wahhH!!!at the end, ini sumer hanya ANGAN2 mat jenin... :(

10) It doesn't stop there!!! When I am about to sleep, I will normally listen to my favourite songs (normally sad2 and romantic2 ones) and imagine as if the song is about me! hehe, sometimes, I even cried listening to those songs...aiyooo!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Chaotic Of Phonetics

Oh my god! even hearing somebody to be talking about this subject makes me sick! Well, honestly I don't hate it....I dont love it either...but you know what...its extremeeeeely tough to get an A for this subject!! and I'm soooo f***ing tired rite now....after 5 hours i spent at library with Aza and Ezza putting our mind to this subject, we'd only managed to finish till chapter 3!!! aiyakkkk!!! I'm so sickkk!!! Well, to be honest I hope to get at least a B for this subject...hopefully I guess....But still!! of course, its gonna bring tremendous affect towards my CGPA later on....sucX!!! Waaa!!! anyway, after quite a few minutes of looking back at my carry marks, presentations, tests, and so on and 0n and on....I would really to share this with you guys:

Educational Psychology : A 4.00
Teaching English Through Drama: A- 3.67
Kesatria: A 4.00
Report Writing A- 3.67
Oral Communication B+ 3.33
Phonetics and Phonology B 3.00
Mandarin 1 B 3.00.
Oh SHIT!!!!!!!! Teruklaaa this sem!!! How would I wanna get a DL for this kind of result...argh! hopefully its gonna be better and not worse....Fuhh!