Monday, May 26, 2008

How Malaysian act on roads?

As Aristotle once said, The rule of law is better than the rule of any individual. It is noted that law is the utmost vivid and clear way of controlling politics, economy and society itself in numerous ways. From the great civilization of Egypt to the spectacular land of Malacca, we have come to a realization that law is particularly needed to develop a country, or a state, or a district. In Malaysia as an easy example, through the independence of Malaya, the government of Malaysia has already has its own rules and laws. But now,I want to focus on the rules on roads that should be abided by us. I do not fancy of making any conclusion based on my own witness of Malaysian's behaviors on roads. Therefore, here I shall provide you with a few pictures that will make you yourself have to decide whether Malaysian is a good 'follower' of laws or not? Judge for yourself....

I saw this red Proton Saga waiting to cross the road on these white stripes...Why can't he que up just like me and other cars behind my Toyota Avanza?

The same place.... a year after....look how these motorcycles recklessly ignoring the traffic lights...... didn't they know they could end up as 'roti canai' on road any second??? hmmh...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Credit Card Phenomenon

Hi guys, i've just started to update this blog since i haven'tn had any chance to do so due to this hectic life as a university student. Well, returning back to our focus for today, i would like to give a slight piece of my mind about the credit card phenomenon. Yes, today, it is undeniable that most working adults do possess at least one credit card. This account for credit card has jumped into my mind as i went to an appointment with my proton car dealer this morning. He asked my dad whether he has a credit card or not and the answer is no! Yup, my dad do not have any credit card not because he is unable to do so but because he thinks credit card is just a piece of licence for us to make up more and more loans and 'hutang'. Well, he got a point there. I do believe credit card has its own benefits and of course the other side of it. Its good for us especially the members of sorority club (girls) to go on SHOPPINGGGG!! haha ya the end of the month, "Oh shit, its RM10000!!! how should i pay this".

Yup there's only one reason...Incontrollable usage of money...In america for example, credit card is normal to be acquired for free by students when they were still young. But, shukriya, in Malaysia, university students are still calling their mom and say "Mummy, duit habis dah!!!" isn't it?? hahaha...therefore we should think carefully and thoroughly before making any decision of using credit card...daa, even my neighbour who's making like 8000 ringgit per month didn't want to have one....So, why do full-time students like us have to have a credit card??? Ni kira dah jadi, senang dulu susah kemudian plak...kan3....ayieMagnificent signing out!~~