Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Wawasan Tower Malaysia... a meal for the political party?

Honestly saying, I hate politics so much with such lies from both the government and opposition parties. I rarely talk or start any conversation that has even a tiny bit of politics for some personal reasons. However, I do have to say this, I strongly believe that the government's proposal on doing such a mega project in a this 5% economical growth country is a absolutely a meal for the political party particularly the government. Bare in mind that I do not hate the government nor the opposition but this has to end.
Firstly, I feel that 'someone' is so scared right now that his political party might collapse in the coming general election. That is the reason why this tower is proposed, because its about making names just like Tun Mahathir made name with his gigantic KLCC and KL Tower. Just when Malaysia is only surviving on income-taxes, this is when this clever person want to say "Why don't we build another tower that costs billions! I know our people would like it!" How pathetic! We may not be good in economy but we are good in common sense. Better than yours at least?
Yet, they say it is to promote tourism in this country. Ask yourself how long has KLCC lasts as the tallest building standing on earth before Taiwan 101 took over? 1 year? 3 years? 6 years? The point here is that our government has to be slapped on their faces that the tower itself is a huge waste than gain!!! Does the people in China would wanna come to Malaysia just because we have this one tall tower which is almost the same as their DOZENS of towers back in Beijing? Yes, most of our tourists are middle-easterns, yet ask again, do they care to come to Malaysia because of that single tower and saying bye-bye to their buildings in DUBAI? NO! They come to Malaysia mostly to shop! Because the prices here are cheaper than theirs, plus the government's abolishment of the taxes! (have to credit the gov for this!)
My idea would be, instead of focusing on building another tower in Malaysia, everyone would be happy if:
1) The taxes for PTPTN abolished
2) More improvements on school's facilities ESPECIALLY in rural areas. The teachers would be in seventh heaven if they have internet coverage in their schools.

But I do agree IF the tower is built for the homeless, old folks, orphans and so on. I think everyone would love the government for this (It's good for the election too!) STOP GIVING NONSENSE TO PEOPLE PLEASE, WE'RE NOT A BUNCH OF STUPIDS! Still, again and again I wanna give credit for Najib because of the tax abolishments. :) smile...peace~