Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"The greatest gift from god"

Title: The Greatest Gift from God
Lyricist: Noor Ainulfahim Abd Rahim
Date written: 5th January 2011

Remember when we first met,
The sea turns red,
The clouds were scared,
The stars gazing, shining the world it led..

How did we come this far,
How did we go through a thousand billion scars?
When the rainbow shines,
My heart is opened,
And with you I shall survive….

Do you really believe in love?
Do you really think that mountains can be torned and burnt to dust?
With you, I shall be,
The one I wanted to subsist,
Because my love you are,
The greatest gift from god..

Oh lord,
I pray to you that this love shall never apart,
Because without you my love,
And Without your love,
My heart shall never be defined…